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    Catalog Management Software for Brands and More

    Catalog management software for brands (and more) is a tool businesses can use to ensure they’re delivering high-quality, accurate, and consistent product data across their full catalog of SKUs. Catalog management software and product catalog management software can benefit businesses across the digital shelf.

    What Is Catalog Management Software for Brands and More?

    Because product details are constantly in flux, businesses struggle to keep product pages consistent and accurate. This challenge is compounded for businesses with large catalogs filled with numerous products that each require streamlined supply chains.

    Catalog management software enables businesses to organize and manage product details within one single source of truth to ensure all details are up-to-date and consistent across all workstreams and sales channels.

    Many catalog management software is integrated with product information management (PIM) systems, which enable businesses to control versioning for live or archived product data.

    Some software allows different users to have different levels of access within the management system. For businesses with multiple parties in their supply chain — who each interact with product details in different ways — this feature keeps the system organized. 

    With catalog management software and a PIM solution, businesses can ensure customers and partners see the same consistent, accurate product information.

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