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    Cart-to-Detail Rate

    Cart-to-detail rate is a performance metric that evaluates the number of consumers who viewed a product detail page (PDP), compared to the number who added an item to their cart.

    What Is Cart-to-Detail Rate?

    Product detail pages (PDPs) provide information about a product that a consumer needs to make an informed purchasing decision. To measure the efficacy of their PDPs, many businesses use the cart-to-detail rate metric. This metric compares the number of people who viewed a PDP to the number of people who put that item in their shopping cart. 

    Most businesses use the cart-to-detail rate metric alongside the buy-to-detail rate metric, which evaluates how many people viewed a PDP and then purchased the item. Together, these two metrics tell a business how successful their PDPs are in driving conversions.

    The cart-to-detail rate tends to be high when PDPs give consumers detailed information about the product; reliable descriptions of item specifications and uses; high-quality images and videos; clear return and shipping policies; and explicit calls to action. These elements help consumers feel confident about buying, which can increase loyalty and repeat purchases.

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