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    Business Transformation

    A business transformation is an initiative that a brand, retailer, or other business takes to revitalize parts of the organization, including staffing, supply chain processes, consumer engagement efforts, and more.

    What Is a Business Transformation?

    Most ecommerce businesses make small-scale adjustments to their processes and sales efforts seemingly every day. These small changes allow them to effectively adapt to market and consumer behavior changes.

    Sometimes, however, brands and retailers require a full-scale business transformation to optimize their workflows and improve the customer experience.

    The most common form of business transformation in today’s ecommerce landscape is a digital transformation. In this process, a business adopts and implements new technologies to streamline critical business processes.

    Businesses might also transform their:

    • Sales and marketing initiatives;
    • Internal staffing and scheduling structures;
    • Supply chain processes and partnerships;
    • Branding; and
    • Content enrichment.

    These types of business transformation require a significant amount of change management — without buy-in from employees and partners, change can fail. But ensuring everyone involved is fully equipped and invested in the change can ensure a successful transformation.

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