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    Business Intelligence

    Business intelligence refers to the systems, software, and processes in place that help businesses collect and organize performance and consumer data.

    What Is Business Intelligence?

    Between search engine optimization (SEO) data, consumer behavior data, website analytics, and marketing data, today’s brands and retailers are overrun with information about their businesses. Having this data is critical to growing a business — but only if the brand can properly derive insights from it.

    Business intelligence software helps transform batches of data into actionable insights that can drive marketing and sales strategies.

    These systems typically include analytics dashboards with data visualizations and customized reports that make it easy for brand teams to quickly evaluate data.

    Business intelligence software takes away a significant portion of otherwise manual labor by collecting consumer and business data and making sense of it. It helps brands better understand:

    • Customer demographics and how they engage with the brand;
    • The success rate of their sales initiatives;
    • Their competitors’ market performance; and
    • Emerging patterns that they should address.


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