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    Bundled Pricing

    Bundled pricing is a business strategy in which a retailer or brand groups products together and sells them for one single price, increasing the overall value of the products.

    What Is Bundled Pricing?

    Bundled pricing is a boon for many businesses because it helps increase the perceived value of the products within the bundle. Consumers get to see firsthand how different products connect and how they might benefit from getting multiple products at once. 

    Most often, bundled pricing includes a slight discount compared to purchasing products individually, giving consumers an even stronger sense of value for their purchase. Common businesses that use bundle pricing include restaurants, service providers, and retail stores.

    There are several different types of bundled pricing strategies. In pure bundling, for example, retailers join two or more related products, offering the consumer a discount for the bundle. Similarly, leader bundling allows the retailer to showcase a primary product and include one or more items of lower value. Mixed bundling, on the other hand, gives the consumer the option of customizing their bundle by selecting which products they want to include.

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