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    Brand Values

    Brand values are the principles and beliefs that are foundational to a brand’s identity and guide the brand’s operations.

    What Are Brand Values?

    Today’s consumers aren’t just looking for easy, convenient ways to find and purchase products. They’re also increasingly looking for brands whose missions align with the causes they care about. Brand values represent the beliefs that a business stands for, and, when done right, they guide the way the brand operates.

    Brand values can span a range of topics, ideas, and belief systems. On one hand, values can focus on the brand’s work itself, such as efficiency, customer-centrism, honesty, and integrity, among others. In other cases, brand values might also align with social concerns, such as equity, environmentalism, rights for marginalized populations, or sustainability.

    It’s critical that brands actually act on their brand values, rather than treating them as just empty phrases. Brands that immerse their values into their operations, community engagements, and charitable donations often win customer loyalty. They also build brand awareness among increasingly socially-minded customers.

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