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    Brand Preference

    Brand preference is when customers favor one brand over another, indicating a measurement of marketing success on the brand’s part.

    What Is Brand Preference?

    Customers are bombarded with millions of brands and businesses to choose from around the world. But when consumers find brands that provide positive, seamless experiences, they often purchase from that brand again and again. This kind of brand preference can quickly turn into brand loyalty, in which the customer advocates for and promotes the brand to others.

    Businesses can foster brand preference over time by creating consistent, streamlined, and cohesive brand experiences for their consumers. These experiences include consistent, engaging branding across all sales channels; detailed product descriptions that give consumers everything they need to make an informed purchase; quick, seamless checkouts; and marketing that evolves to meet customers’ needs.

    When customers feel confident in a brand and its products, they’re more likely to prefer that brand over its competition. And that means repeat purchases, brand advocacy, and even brand ambassadorship.

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