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    Brand Metrics

    Brand metrics are analytical data that a business collects and uses to evaluate its sales, marketing, and customer engagement performance.

    What Are Brand Metrics?

    As part of their overall brand strategies, businesses use brand metrics to monitor and measure the success of their customer engagement and sales tactics. 

    By deriving insights from brand metrics and data, businesses can learn what’s working and what’s not; what’s creating customer engagement and loyalty; what’s driving sales; and how the brand compares to its competitors. These insights can come from qualitative data from surveys and feedback loops or quantitative data collected via website analytics.

    Common brand metrics that businesses use include:

    • The number of purchases made in a given period;
    • Website traffic, session durations, and click-through rates;
    • Social media engagement, shares, and referrals;
    • The number and tone of online customer review; and
    • Net promoter scores and other recommendation insights.

    With the data collected via these brand metrics, businesses can make strategic adjustments to their brand strategy to drive better customer engagement and more conversions.

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