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    A brand is a business concept used to identify a company and distinguish it from others.

    What Is a Brand?

    While the term “brand” is often used interchangeably with a particular business, product, or person, it actually refers to the concept that distinguishes that business, product, or person from others within its competitive peer group. A brand often encompasses a company’s logo, name, slogan, and/or color scheme, making it the most important conceptual marker for identifying distinct companies.

    When marketing and sales teams use logos or other signifiers to convey the unique idea of the company, they’re creating a brand identity, which can help keep the business top of consumers’ minds and enable the company to stand out from the competition.

    In the ecommerce landscape, where customers are bombarded with purchasing options, companies, and advertising on every platform, having a strong identity is critical to standing out amongst the crowd. Clearly defining product details within cohesive messaging enables brands to win business.

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