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    Brand Gating

    Brand gating is a process ecommerce businesses undertake to prevent third-party actors from illegally representing the brand or its products on online marketplaces like Amazon.

    What Is Brand Gating?

    On online marketplaces such as Amazon, some sellers encounter unauthorized sellers who steal products, branding, or other unique elements for counterfeit sales. To prevent this from occurring and to protect their brand reputation, sellers undergo brand gating.

    When a brand is gated, resellers must apply to sell a brand’s goods, meeting strict criteria set by both the original seller and the marketplace. If the reseller cannot meet the criteria, Amazon blocks them from being able to use any of the original business’ product data or branding elements in their listings. In this way, brand gating enables sellers to protect their business and manage permissions carefully.

    To enroll in brand gating on Amazon, sellers need to first be set up with the Amazon Brand Registry. After meeting certain eligibility requirements, they can submit a list of products they want to protect, along with documentation of their current approaches to fighting counterfeiting.

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