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    Brand Attributes

    Brand attributes are the characteristics that construct a brand identity or personality.

    What Is are Brand Attributes?

    The consumer experience largely depends on the feelings customers get when interacting with a brand, and it’s the brand attributes that influence that feeling. Brand attributes are the characteristics and values that define and sustain a brand’s personality.

    To construct brand attributes, brands focus on tangible and intangible factors. Tangibly, brands create logos, taglines, designs, and other assets that help foster a brand personality. Intangible brand attributes, on the other hand, are created through interactions with customers and society. These include the brand’s appeal within the market, engagement in social concerns, credibility and reliability, and ability to create a cohesive presence.

    Brand attributes are important for brands because they serve as symbols of what customers can expect when engaging with the business. If a customer can’t easily identify the brand attributes, it’s likely a sign that the brand is lacking a consistent, cohesive personality within the market.

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