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    Brand Ambassador

    A brand ambassador is a person who promotes a particular brand within their network to help drive traffic and sales to that company.

    What Is a Brand Ambassador?

    Today’s brands are competing for consumer awareness and attention within a highly saturated market. Brand ambassadors can help them stand out. A brand ambassador is a person who positively promotes a brand within their network, with the goal of increasing brand awareness, driving sales, and building a bigger consumer audience base.

    Most notably, brand ambassadors tend to be highly influential people, such as social media stars, celebrities, or well-known names within a particular industry. Because these influencers tend to have large audiences — usually on social networks — they’re able to drive these audiences directly to the brand in droves. These types of influencers are usually paid by the brand for their efforts.

    As consumers increasingly turn to their personal networks for recommendations, however, employees, friends, and family members can act as brand ambassadors, highlighting the unique benefits of a company or product and encouraging their network to buy.

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