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    Black Friday

    Black Friday refers to the day after Thanksgiving, which culturally marks the start of the holiday season and usually involves significant retail discounts, deals, and promotions.

    What Is Black Friday?

    Black Friday unofficially signals the start of the biggest and most lucrative season for retail shopping. Occurring the day after Thanksgiving, it’s typically ushered in with discounts from major and small retailers alike.

    While Cyber Monday typically follows that weekend, Black Friday is still a significant day for ecommerce businesses. To keep up with competition — who will likely offer significant discounts — it’s important for ecommerce retailers to have a clear strategy for marketing and promoting products.

    Black Friday shoppers tend to conduct extensive research to find the best deals around this unofficial holiday, but many will also look for convenience and value. Ecommerce businesses that head into Black Friday without a clear strategy for winning business might find their sales lacking. But those that use email campaigns, blog posts, product descriptions, and other marketing strategies to promote the value of their products are poised to have a fruitful Black Friday.

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