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    Below the Fold

    Below-the-fold content refers to a webpage’s content that sits beneath the bottom of a user’s screen (below the fold as if it were a physical newspaper), requiring them to scroll down to access it.

    What Is Below-the-Fold Content?

    Below-the-fold content is only visible when a website user scrolls down on a webpage, with the below the fold meaning being similar to how additional content can be found below the fold of a newspaper. Because it’s initially hidden from view and requires a user to take an action to access, below-the-fold content tends to not get as much interaction or engagement as above-the-fold content. 

    When crafting a website, then, creators often strategize about the importance of each piece of webpage content to ensure they’re putting their most important information — such as calls-to-action (CTAs), critical product information, product photos, logos, or eye-catching headlines — above the fold, not below the fold. 

    Despite the importance of above-the-fold content, below-the-fold content is still critical to creating a strong, consistent web experience for users — especially on ecommerce sites designed to move consumers through a purchasing funnel. Businesses that create cohesive webpages with concise product information and consistent branding tend to capture shoppers’ attention and encourage them to interact with the site.

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