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    Awareness Stage

    The awareness stage is a phase of the marketing or sales funnel in which customers learn about a brand or business for the first time.

    What Is the Awareness Stage?

    The marketing or sales funnel illustrates the phases a customer goes through to learn about a brand; research that brand’s products and identity; and ultimately decide whether or not to buy from that brand. The awareness stage is the first phase of that funnel, which accounts for customers learning about a business’s identity for the first time.

    The awareness stage is arguably the most important stage of the funnel, as first impressions can influence a customer’s relationship with a brand thereafter. That’s why businesses put considerable time, energy, and money into developing awareness-level content and branding to foster a strong initial reaction.

    In this stage, many brands will develop content to help potential consumers identify a problem they’re having. In the next stages, which involve consideration and evaluation of products, the brand will establish their product as the solution to that problem. Altogether, the funnel encourages customers to purchase from that brand.

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