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    Average Transaction Value (ATV)

    Average transaction value (ATV) is a metric that measures the average value of sales transactions completed within a particular time period.

    What Is Average Transaction Value (ATV)?

    Similar to average transaction size (ATS) or average ticket size, average transaction value (ATV) is a critical metric for evaluating the success of a retail organization’s sales initiatives. Average transaction value (ATV) measures the average value of sales transactions completed within a day, week, or month, giving the retailer important information regarding profits and sales performance.

    To calculate average transaction value (ATV), the retailer would choose a particular time period to evaluate, calculate the total amount of money earned through transactions within that time period, and divide that number by the number of transactions completed within the period.

    Generally speaking, the higher the average transaction value (ATV), the more profits the retail organization is earning. When these organizations work to improve their sales initiatives and boost their conversion rates, they’ll often use this metric to determine if their efforts are successful. If the number is increasing, their efforts are working.

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