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    Average Time on Page

    Average time on page measures the average amount of time users spend on a specific website page or set of pages.

    What Is Average Time on Page?

    Average time on page is a website analytics metric that many businesses and organizations use to gauge the success of their webpages. This metric finds the average time all users have spent on a single page or set of pages — giving organizations a glimpse into how engaging their website content is to visitors. 

    More specifically, it measures the time between a visitor landing on a page and moving onto another on the same website. Most businesses use an analytics tool to measure average time on page — as well as other website traffic and engagement metrics — to determine which pages are engaging visitors, which pages might need to be optimized, and how specific pages are measuring against established benchmarks and goals.

    Assessing a “good” or “bad” average time on page depends on the type of page, the type of website, and the organization’s industry or field.

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