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    Autonomous Delivery

    Autonomous delivery occurs when businesses use drones, self-driving vehicles, or other methods that don’t require a human driver to deliver items to customers.

    What Is Autonomous Delivery?

    Today’s customers increasingly demand convenient and quick access to the products they purchase online. Autonomous delivery helps exceed those demands by using driverless vehicles and pilotless drones to get products in consumers’ hands quickly and efficiently.

    And autonomous delivery isn’t just benefiting consumers. It’s also helping businesses stay agile and keep delivery costs relatively low. By using a drone to deliver an item, for example, the business avoids dealing with time-consuming traffic and paying labor and service fees.

    Autonomous delivery is a burgeoning capability that’s developing in the air, land, and sea. Some businesses are piloting semi-autonomous aircrafts or sea vessels that can deliver large quantities of products and speed up the supply chain. Others are advancing drone technologies to enable larger and faster deliveries.

    All of these technological advancements serve the convenience economy, where businesses and consumers alike look to get more with less.

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