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    Authentication is a process that businesses use to confirm or verify that a user is who they claim to be.

    What Is Authentication?

    In a global digital economy, keeping customers’ information secure is critical to building trust and loyalty. This can be achieved with authentication.

    Authentication is the process through which businesses ensure users are who they say they are. 

    For most ecommerce businesses, authentication is necessary for keeping customers’ stored credit card and personal information secure. If a customer creates a profile on a business’s website, for example, they might submit their card details, address, phone number, or other identifying information. 

    When the customer logs into the system, they’ll need to authenticate their identity before being able to access their details. This authentication can be as simple as selecting a username or password. Or, the system could require two- or multi-factor authentication, in which the user must take multiple steps to verify their identity.

    In ecommerce, one data breach can permanently damage a brand’s reputation and customer loyalty, which is why businesses are requiring authentication to protect customer data.

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