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    Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA)

    Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA) is a tool that provides vendors with basic information. Amazon provides details about vendors’ product performance, sales trends, operations, customer behavior, and overall sales.

    What Is Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA)?

    With Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA), Amazon vendors gain critical insight into their orders, inventory, stock levels, operational issues, catalog quality, revenue, average order value, and losses. 

    Amazon retail analytics (ARA) offers several types of reports through its dashboard. The sales and inventory report helps brands better understand their cost of goods sold (CoGS) and how many products they sell within a given period.

    The demand forecast helps brands plan and manage their inventory based on prior sales data and upcoming estimated needs. The catalog report sorts listings by pageviews, and the operations report provides operational metrics that help sellers manage stock and supply effectiveness.

    Combined with other analytics tools, ARA helps vendors and brands better understand their customers, get a firmer grip on their sales tactics, and streamline their operations.

    In 2020, Amazon expanded ARA to Amazon Brand Analytics, a similar tool that offers insights, a data dashboard, and data tables to both sellers and vendors.

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