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    Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA)

    Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA), formerly known as Amazon Retail Analytics, is a tool that provides Amazon sellers and vendors with insights about their product performance, customer behavior, and more.

    What Are Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA)?

    Available to Amazon registered brand owners, Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA) runs reports that give sellers invaluable insights that can influence their strategic product portfolio and advertising decisions.


    ABA offers five consumer behavior dashboards: Amazon search terms, repeat customer behavior, market basket analytics, item comparison, and demographics. 


    The search terms, customer behavior, and demographics reports give sellers in-depth information about their customers, such as what keywords they’re using to find products, what their customers’ identities are, and which items are driving the most customer engagement.


    The market basket analysis shows the products customers are purchasing along with specific items. And the item comparison report shows the top five competitor products customers viewed alongside yours.


    With this information, sellers can adjust their marketing, sales, and product efforts to stay competitive amid an ever-growing competitive marketplace and reach and convert more customers.

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