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    Alt Tag

    An alt tag is a way to label images and web page elements to support accessibility for users using screen readers to interact with a website.

    What Is an Alt Tag?

    Marketing teams seeking to create optimized and accessible web copy will use alt tags to describe an image or web element using text for search engine capability.

    Alt tags are used by screen readers, assistive technology for people with blindness or low vision that shares information in a consumable format, such as speech or braille. Alt tags help ensure the content can reach the broadest audience possible.

    As an essential component of your content strategy, visual elements present valuable information about your products and help to illustrate the story you want to communicate about your brand to customers. 

    Alt tags will help support accessibility with text-based screen readers and allow search engines like Google to index your article or website efficiently. As an added bonus, alt tags also help improve search optimization (SEO)

    Alt tags are crucial for people who can’t see the images on your website. Alt text should describe the image in one or two sentences and include the relevant keyword phrase.

    When writing, it can be helpful to consider the context of the image and what would be useful for a reader to understand about its meaning and relevance to an article or webpage, creating a more engaging user experience for customers who are using screen readers to interact with a website.

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