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    Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standards (ACES) Automotive Data

    Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standards (ACES) automotive data is the industry standard for the management and communication of automotive fitment information.

    What Is Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standards (ACES) Automotive Data?

    ACES automotive data is a standard way of communicating information about the fitment of aftermarket automotive products. These products include non-factory accessories that are designed for compatibility with particular cars. ACES standardizes information about the vehicle and its parts, such as the make, model, and year of the automobile, so that consumers can make informed decisions about which parts to purchase.


    The ACES system was created to provide consumers better assess which parts will fit best on their vehicles — an increasingly important process given the technological advancement of cars today.


    While it might seem like a small piece of information, ACES data is critical to the automotive ecommerce industry, as it gives customers the exact information they need to make the right purchase. Without including this fitment information and validating it against the ACES standard, businesses risk losing customers due to missing or incorrect data.

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