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    Affinity Grouping

    Affinity grouping occurs when a business identifies consumers with similar characteristics, demographics, or buying behaviors and markets directly to the group.

    What Is Affinity Grouping?

    Affinity grouping is one way to identify and target a specific consumer category. Businesses must first use data to group consumers or potential buyers into categories based on interests, needs, demographics, or shopping habits. Then, they can create and distribute marketing materials to members of the group that align best with that group’s needs.

    By connecting with a particular group’s interests or behaviors, the business can provide more personalized content that drives brand awareness, helps solve consumer problems, and builds customer loyalty among that group.

    Affinity marketing takes this process to another level. In this effort, a business partners with another organization with a common goal to market a product or service related to that organization’s audience. When sports teams partner with apparel companies to cross-promote team-branded clothing, for example, both companies are engaging in affinity marketing to target sports enthusiasts.

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