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    Ad Extensions

    Ad extensions are short pieces of text placed next to an online ad that provide more information about the ad or the product it features.

    What Are Ad Extensions?

    When a user enters a query into a search engine, they’re met with a results page with various listings for websites related to that query. Paid ads — which businesses purchase for greater consumer visibility — sit at the top of that list. To consolidate results, search engines typically allow a specific number of characters to appear on each listing, but ad extensions enable businesses to include more information.

    Businesses have several options for ad extensions, such as including related links to a product, business contact information, pricing or product details, or app extensions.

    By including these elements, businesses can give consumers a better overall user experience that could boost ad ranking. 

    Like any consumer-facing content, however, businesses should intentionally craft their ad extensions to suit the specific needs of their targeted audience. Without mindfully creating extensions, they run the risk of overwhelming or even turning away the customer.

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