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    Acceptance Test

    An acceptance test is an evaluative tool that tells a business how successfully an app, website, or other piece of software meets users’ needs.

    What Is an Acceptance Test?

    As the ecommerce market becomes increasingly consumer-driven, businesses need to adapt to their customers’ needs to stay relevant. But they first need to understand what those needs are and implement tools to meet them. An acceptance test is one such evaluative method.

    Before a business launches a new app or website, they can conduct an acceptance test to evaluate how successfully the software meets consumers’ needs. Businesses typically conduct this testing after they’ve developed and integrated the software into their systems, so this test involves measuring for final bugs or user-hindering errors.

    To conduct an acceptance test, a business creates a piece of software, and then automatically or manually engages a set of consumers around the software. The consumers use and explore the new software, then provide specific feedback on their experience. With this information, the business can make final adjustments to ensure the software is as user-friendly as possible.

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