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    Above-the-Fold Content

    Above-the-fold content is the content shoppers will first view and engage with before they scroll down your product page, which includes your product title, header, product photos, and video.

    What Is Above-the-Fold Content?

    Content with the highest visibility will have the most meaningful potential to convey your brand's vision to audiences. Brands and retailers can best optimize this web landscape to inform visitors by creating above-the-fold, compelling product content.

    Above-the-fold product content is considered the core content of a product page and can define your brand's visual impression to users — inspiring their attention to engage further with the site.

    Ecommerce managers will create digital experiences that will draw users' attention to an ecommerce site by positioning the most compelling, well-written product copy and content above the fold for audiences to easily engage with and learn about a brand's high-visibility products and services.

    This above-the-fold product content should present the brand or retailer's vision and develop a connection with visitors, with the overarching goal to increase traffic and produce sales. 

    Types of product content presented above the fold will include company logos, bold visual headers, product copy, product photos, and brand and product videos. It's also important to ensure the copy is concise so that it will capture the attention of shoppers and motivate them to engage with your site.

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