GDSN Messaging Interface

Many product listings receive rejection messages because the information doesn't align precisely with the unique data validation rules of a GDSN target. The GDSN lacks a fully-specified error-messaging system, which is why these rejection messages — which are seldom machine-readable — are bespoke and created by every GDSN target.

Every GDSN data pool also has its own structure for relaying key user messages. Consider these features when analyzing messaging within a GDSN data pool:

  • Does the data pool support email updates for rejection messages — or do users have to log on frequently to see these messages?
  • Does the data pool offer a programmatic method for accessing messages, allowing them to automatically feed into product information management (PIM) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) workflows?
  • Does the data pool generate reports showing average response times to track improvements over time?
  • Does the data pool translate complicated system messaging into human-readable text — or do users have to call GDSN targets to clarify?

Data pools must empower brands to respond quickly to these messages, ensuring products make it to market without delay. However, some data pools have structures that may impact the quality of the brand's responses.