GDSN Data Pool Cost

From a cost perspective, GDSN data pools should be commodity offerings, priced using a cost-plus model. The substantial differences between GDSN data pools, however, leads to varying value-based pricing models.

Tying the cost of accessing a GDSN data pool to revenue is one example of a historic pricing model, which 1WorldSync uses, which isn’t aligned with service delivery costs or value.

The perceived monopoly position, overall size, and GS1 affiliation of the 1WorldSync data pool also enables it to charge based on the total revenue of brand manufacturers. This pricing model results in many contracts that approach $1 million annually for what is a commodity technology at its core.

Brands that are new, niche, or direct to consumer (D2C) opt-out of the GDSN altogether due to these costs, choosing to deal directly with retailers. Walmart stopped requiring GDSN capabilities from brands — and Amazon, W. W. Grainger, and The Home Depot have never required them.