1WorldSync Monopoly Misconception

When the GDSN was first established in 2004, there were several GDSN data pool providers. Through mergers and acquisitions, however, one major global player began to emerge on the market among the smaller players: 1WorldSync.

The issue: 1WorldSync was owned by GS1 U.S. at the time, leading to a strong perception in the market that its data pool was the risk-free, must-use option. This misconception about a 1WorldSync monopoly was most resilient among the largest brand manufacturers, many of whom had seats on the 1WorldSync board of directors.

Another issue that arises when a single provider runs 80% of a market is that data pool interoperability no longer matters.

GS1 recognized how competitive the market had become and sold 1WorldSync to Battery Ventures in 2019. This move was meant to encourage new GDSN data pool entrants and impact pricing models across the market.