How Does the GDSN Work?

The GDSN allows data sources to transmit product information to trading partners automatically. It manages a broad range of product information, including operational and logistical data (e.g., weight, dimensions, hazardous shipping flags) and packaging information (e.g., pallet, case and pack shipping configurations).

The GDSN transmits this product information in five steps:

  • Step 1: A data source, such as a manufacturer, submits product information to its data pool.
  • Step 2: The data pool publishes a small subset of this information to the GS1 Global Registry.
  • Step 3: The data source’s trade partner, such as a distributor or retailer, searches the registry and subscribes to this information.
  • Step 4: The data source’s data pool responds to this subscription by sending the full product information to the trade partner’s data pool.
  • Step 5: The trade partner confirms receipt.