Sell where shoppers spend the most time with Salsify for Social Commerce

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Sell on Instagram, Google Shopping, Facebook Marketplace, and More

Expand your brand presence and build emotional connections with shoppers.

Experiment with direct selling on social channels to win buyers where they are spending their time without sacrificing investment in your known channels.

Activate product content across each social media platform and unite marketing, ecommerce, inventory, and back office teams in a single platform.

Social Channel Activation

Send and refresh product content to a network of social channels.

Provide shoppers with accurate and compelling images and descriptions from your brand. Set up and refresh your product catalogs on Instagram Shopping, Facebook, Google Merchant Center, Pinterest, Houzz, and more.

"With our rich ecommerce product content already in Salsify for my retail channels, I’ve been able to start syndicating product catalogs directly to Facebook, Instagram, Google Merchant Center, eBay, and other channels I’ve wanted to start reaching consumers on within weeks, sometimes days."

- Nick Jones, Customer Experience Manager, Libbey Inc.

Direct Selling Support

Sell directly on social channels.

Experiment selling on new channels without trading off investment in top volume-driving channels. Integrate your back-office systems, inventory and order management, in a single platform that maintains connections with social channels for you.
Inventory and Order Management

Enable an integrated digital shelf with inventory and orders.

Track social channel inventory and orders alongside product content to better prioritize and assess the cross-channel value of your catalog investments. Consistently improve on your product experience armed with information about copy, images, orders, and product inventory from every endpoint in a single platform.

A cosmetics manufacturer is selling direct-to-consumer for the first time via Checkout on Instagram and using Salsify for customer support to look up orders and correct issues.


Act fast. Be there. Test and Learn.

Winning on social requires different tactics than you’re using on your existing high-volume channels. Invest now to learn how best to reach new consumers. Use those insights to determine when third-party or direct selling is right for your brand.

Salsify gets you started and testing quickly on social channels, whether or not you are ready to sell directly. With Salsify’s PIM and Syndication, you can start managing product catalogs on social media to drive traffic to your own site or your trade partners’ PDPs. Build your follower base and gain expertise on each channel while you prepare to test third-party selling.

Get started with any and all of the following channels:

  • Checkout on Instagram
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Facebook Connector
  • YouTube
  • Google Shopping Actions
  • Pinterest (catalog connector)  
  • Houzz (catalog connector)

Salsify's Product Experience Management Platform

Our DAM connects to an Integrated Platform Purpose-Built for the Digital Shelf

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