A Platform Purpose-built for the Digital Shelf

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How can you expect your teams to work together seamlessly if your systems don't?

We have invested more than $50M in R&D to create a one-stop shop to drive your products to market and win on the digital shelf.

We call it Product Experience Management (PXM).

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Continuously drive performance on the digital shelf with PXM

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  • Centralize and manage product content across the entire organization from a single place
  • Activate that content and experiences across any channel fast and easily
  • Engage shoppers with compelling product experiences
  • Continuously optimize content and product experiences for discovery and conversion

A Brand's Guide to Product Experience Management

This guide will prepare you for the transformation needed to engage digital consumers and protect your market share.

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We originally picked three systems, this one system could do what three others were doing better than they could perform their individual functions.
Sam Ensogna
Chief Digital Officer
The Scylla Group

A PIM for the Digital Shelf


  • Data governance designed to move at the speed of commerce
  • Enterprise-class architecture and security
  • Agile self-service for business users
  • Comprehensive and configurable workflows
  • Channel-specific versions of product content

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A DAM for rich product experiences


  • Rich media management
  • Searchable asset database
  • Content tagging and smart lists

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Syndication to every endpoint


  • Activate an entire commerce ecosystem from one platform
  • Validate data against the latest schema by channel
  • Ensure brand consistency and accuracy from a single hub

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Enhanced content at scale


  • Manage above and below the fold product content in one platform
  • Develop enhanced content for multiple products at once – not SKU by SKU
  • Publish to Amazon, Walmart, BJ's, Shopify, and a growing network of digital touchpoints

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Analytics to optimize your digital shelf


  • Analytics linked to workflows to drive the next right action
  • Optimize content with product page and brand compliance reports
  • Win search through SEO and share of search reporting
  • Drive profitability with availabilty, buy box, and competitive price intelligence reporting

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A GDSN data pool built for the digital shelf

GDSN Ease of Use

  • Manage product data for retail and ecommerce channels in one platform
  • Unite the work of all teams involved in bringing products to market
  • Join our data pool and connect with any trading partner on the network

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Chat with shoppers at the point of purchase


  • Customer chat on retailer sites in real-time
  • Voice of the customer feedback to improve product and and marketing strategy
  • Agile self-service for business users
  • Integrates with your existing customer service chat tool

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A PXM platform built for manufacturers

Since working at Mars for a year, Salsify has been my favorite part of my job. I actually look forward to using it every day.

Katherine Buharina
Katherine Buharina
Digital Content Manager

Because we’ve become so good at using Salsify for syndication and content management we have been able to build strong relationships with our retailers. They keep coming back for more and differentiating our business from the competition.

Nick Jones
Nick Jones
Digital Operations Manager

Salsify made me a digital transformation champion. We had an existing PIM but it didn’t automate our ecommerce operations effectively across multiple different systems. Salsify constantly pushes my company towards innovation.

Arthur Werner
Arthur Werner
Director Global E-commerce & Operations

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