A PIM purpose-built for the digital shelf


Your brand’s success rests on how quickly you can adapt to new customer demands, new market forces, and new category disruptors.

You need a way to manage your product information and optimize it for success across every channel --- without sacrificing security or control.

That’s why we’ve spent more than $50M in R&D to build a new kind of PIM.

Salsify combines a comprehensive set of core data services under a flexible architecture that allows you to win on the digital shelf.

How to Manage Product Information for Digital Commerce

Learn how to balance the increasing need for both data quality and data agility in the new age of digital commerce.

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PIM Data Governance and Speed
Fast Data Management

You shouldn’t have to choose between data governance and speed

Legacy PIM systems were designed for slow-changing data and optimized for strict governance. That approach only works in a world of simple, static requirements.

Today, you need to engage shoppers across hundreds of changing channels. Your PIM must enable the right users to make the right updates to the right content at the right time.

Salsify's PIM provides control and agility

  • Validation capabilities, including attribute-level checks against internal schemas
  • Fast data imports, that can take place before data governance
  • Multiple data domains supported, including digital assets, inventory, and customer data
  • Filtering and search on anything in the platform
  • Editable product attribution, validation rules, inheritance rules, and entities

Enterprise-class architecture and security

We provide user-based and attribute-based security, role-based access control (RBAC), Single Sign-on (SSO) support, robust workflow, multilingual support, and SOC 2 compliance.

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Agile self-service for business users

Your technology should make it easier, not harder, to act

Unlike traditional PIMs, we built Salsify to enable people across the organization to access the content relevant to their jobs.

Our workflows bring users into the system to create and update content with confidence and according to the right validation rules.
PIM Workflow

Salsify workflows turn insights into action

  • Accessible to sales, marketing and trade teams
  • Drag-and-drop UI to map your exact business processes
  • Pre-built workflows for common business processes
  • Connections to your external systems and third-party partners
  • Alerts on internal and external events for real-time response
Multi-channel data modeling

You need to support multiple versions of your product content

Traditional PIMs solve the many-to-one problem of creating a standard, on-brand message.

Salsify helps you solve the one-to-many problem of creating myriad experiences for the digital shelf for every channel.

With Salsify, you're prepared for every channel

  • Product experience activation for every channel
  • Channel-specific requirements and the latest retailer schemas
  • One central view for your data, with validation, versions, and auditing
  • Connections to your entire commerce ecosystem through a single platform

The challenge ahead requires more than a PIM

To deliver engaging product experiences for every channel and every shopper you need more than a place to store and manage your data. You need an integrated platform that connects content with syndication, analytics, chat, and inventory management.

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GDSN Data Pool

GDSN Ease of Use

Provide retailers with the required supply chain data without added cost or complexity

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Enhanced Content Management

EC examples

Build below-the-fold experiences across your entire catalog for multiple channels without compromising data governance

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Actionable Content Analytics


Take the next best action to improve performance, based on insights delivered in the platform

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Chat Directly with Shoppers

HP Salsify Chat

Address shopper questions and gather product feedback directly on the retailer's website.

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