Salsify Guided Onboarding

The cost-efficient way for self-sufficient teams to get up and running on Salsify.

You recognize the importance of ecommerce to your company’s growth. You’ve built out an ecommerce team and developed a strategy and set of capabilities that helps them thrive. Your team moves fast and has very specific needs when it comes to configuring the tools they use every day. At Salsify, we identify with companies like yours and have developed the Salsify Guided Onboarding package to get your internal team up and running on our platform as efficiently as possible.

You have the internal team ready to execute

Salsify Guided Onboarding allows your team to have full ownership of the timing and details of your Salsify implementation.

Your in-house resources will complete Salsify training and configure Salsify to meet your business needs in consultation with Salsify’s Customer Success team. Salsify Guided Onboarding is only appropriate for those companies with self-sufficient teams that are comfortable configuring SaaS products. You will need to draw from their technical knowledge and support them with appropriate resources to ensure a successful deployment.

We’ll ensure that your Project Team has the knowledge and support they need to have Salsify up and running for your business quickly and effectively. Your team will need sufficient bandwidth during the onboarding period (variable, but typically 12 weeks) to dedicate to setting up Salsify for your business.

“The user portal is straight forward and intuitive. I easily became very skilled at navigating and performing tasks associated to our database management. The Customer Success and Development teams at Salsify are outstanding.”

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The “Project Team” you allocate to onboarding should consist of the following: 

  • At least one Salsify “Salsify Administrator” to drive configuration and ongoing administration of your Salsify account, including content loads, syndication channel mappings, and catalog configurations. Salsify Administrator(s) will complete Salsify training, attend calls with your Salsify Implementation Consultant, and drive the overall setup and rollout of Salsify at your company.
  • Additional personnel with expertise in source systems to be integrated into Salsify, expertise in customer/account relationships, and expertise in your product content to work closely with your Salsify Administrator(s) to integrate source systems, map product categories, map product attributes, and other implementation areas.

What's Included in Salsify Guided Onboarding?

Your Project Team will receive the following services from Salsify’s Customer Success team


We will jointly develop a program plan to ensure a successful Salsify roll-out for your company. This will involve a detailed project plan for your implementation based on your priority goals, as well as a broader plan to fully adopt Salsify within your organization.

"Salsify has been a huge asset in managing consistency of product content across various e-retailers. The customer service has been top notch!"

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Your Project Team can access our standard Salsify platform training curriculum delivered via virtual group sessions. This training provides foundational Salsify skills to drive your initial account configuration and ongoing Salsify administration. 


Implementation Support

Your Project Team will receive sixteen advisory sessions with our Implementation Team to support additional configuration by your team. These advisory sessions will cover a range of topics, including:

  • Content Management: data modeling, loading products and digital assets into Salsify, establishing data organization.
  • Syndication: how to utilize Internal Readiness Reports for data gap analysis, turning on channels, channel mapping and publishing.
  • People and Process: creating basic operational process, including workflow and automation.
  • Insights Reporting (if applicable): how to use insights reporting and optimize content accordingly.
  • Engagement: how to roll out Salsify to internal teams.

Additional Services

Discovery & Planning Workshop

A more in-depth session conducted online or on-site to develop an operational plan for rolling out and maintaining Salsify.


Private Training

Your Project Team completes our standard training curriculum via private sessions with a Salsify trainer. You can choose the attendees and timing of the sessions.


Onsite Training

Your Salsify Project Team completes our standard Salsify platform training curriculum via a two-day training delivered by a Salsify trainer onsite at a location of your choosing. You choose the attendees and the timing of the sessions.

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