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    Salsify vs. Syndigo:
    Which PXM Solution Is Right for Your Business?

    Explore your product experience management (PXM) solution options, and compare Salsify vs. Syndigo to discover which PXM software is right for your business.


    Salsify’s unified PXM platform is specifically built to enable you to manage content distribution for your brand to each downstream channel with speed, agility, and efficiency.

    Organically built from the ground up, Salsify helps you conquer the digital shelf by getting you to market faster, reducing costs, uniting your teams, and so much more.

    You’ll receive better automation, scalability, repeatability, and a more cohesive user experience than any other PXM vendor can provide.


    Syndigo, another PXM vendor, has similar solutions to Salsify but takes a different approach to solving brand challenges. Built through acquisition, Syndigo’s offerings comprise over a dozen point solutions, data pools, and creation services.

    Where Salsify’s PXM network is built on openness and automation, Syndigo’s is built on legacy, exclusive relationships, and outdated operating models. Syndigo’s approach means that brands’ control and speed are limited when publishing.

    Retail Network: Salsify vs. Syndigo

    A major misconception is that you have to use Syndigo to reach certain retailers. That was true in the past, but not anymore. Most retailers have moved away from this model of exclusivity to one that prioritizes openness and choice.

    Why did retailers make this move? It allows higher-quality content to flow faster and more reliably between brands and retailers, resulting in a better overall end-consumer experience.

    As a brand, this gives you the freedom to choose the platform that best meets your needs rather than be forced to choose a vendor based on retailer restrictions.

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    Salsify Offers More Flexibility

    Data my way? Your way? Which way? Whose way? Syndigo’s platform is tightly wound around retailer requirements, which means you have to input your data in many different variations with limited reuse and connectivity across channels.

    Salsify provides superior flexibility and mapping capabilities, allowing you to model and manage your data in a way that makes sense to your organization — all while maximizing reuse and consistency across every downstream channel.

    This flexibility helps you create a system of record that drives scale and repeatability, rather than squandering your time inputting data in lots of different places with limited connection or traceability. 

    Salsify Offers More Automation

    Salsify PXM is a unified platform, which means everything within Salsify is built to work together seamlessly. You can leverage automation capabilities like translation and generative artificial intelligence (AI) workflows to create content that will win on the digital shelf.

    Salsify’s superior workflow, automated data transformations, and in-app collaboration will enable you to bring increased speed and efficiency to your processes.

    Salsify Offers More Control

    Salsify believes that brands have the best content — and your content should remain in your control.

    Rather than try to control how you create, own, and manage the data flow between brands and retailers, Salsify empowers you with tools, automation, and deep retailer connectivity. You’ll also maintain full ownership over your data, including the creative rights and when, where, and how it’s published.

    Salsify Offers More Innovation

    Salsify has a proven track record of building and delivering innovative new solutions to the market, rather than just acquiring point solutions.

    Since Salsify PXM is organically built on one code base, there’s no integration debt, freeing up research and development (R&D) time to focus on innovation — not integration.

    Hear From Satisfied Salsify Customers

    Salsify customers share how the Salsify PXM platform has become an integral part of their workflows, saving them time and energy, increasing efficiency, and much more.

    “[Salsify] automation frees our team to focus on creating content and campaigns that convert more consumers across all digital and physical channels and to think about the future and how we can continue to deliver for our shoppers and customers across the digital shelf."

    Halle Herzog, Lead Digital Shelf, The Kraft Heinz Company
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    "I think the value that Salsify provides is better cross-functional alignment. It'll save you time. It will move your initiatives forward faster than you could on your own. And it will help you build your brands."

    Carrie Mesing, Director of Ecommerce Marketing Strategy, Danone
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    "Having a platform like Salsify has really helped to expedite things. We now have a source of truth and can provide content to these retailers in a much more streamlined way with consistency and accuracy."

    Pam Perino, Ecommerce Content Manager, The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company
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    “With Salsify’s connections, we could go right in and publish the right information. With other platforms, someone has to be chased down, and there’s a back-and-forth and lack of speed. This automated process improved the accuracy of our content and, therefore, improved the health of our content.”

    Charles Turner, Web Content Improvement Manager, Nestle Purina Petcare
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