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    WestPoint Home Grows Alongside Salsify as One of Its Earliest Customers

    How a Major Home Goods Brands Fine-Tunes Its Digital Shelf Strategy With Salsify

    About WestPoint Home

    WestPoint Home has a 200-year legacy of being a pioneer in home fashion. When it was founded in 1813 as WestPoint Stevens, the company manufactured woolen broadcloth.

    Throughout the centuries, WestPoint Home has acquired 14 brands — all leaders in innovation, design, and construction for home fashion.

    Upon beginning its third century, WestPoint Home knew the next stage of its growth would involve serving modern customers with an effective digital shelf. However, it soon became apparent that managing this digital shelf via manual processes was not getting the job done.

    The Challenge

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    When WestPoint Home's ecommerce division was founded, it quickly became apparent that its processes were too slow. The team had to first "translate" data from manufacturing-relevant information to information that made sense for consumer platforms. They then had to input this data into 30 different account forms.

    The team at WestPoint Home knew there had to be a better way. They discovered this better way upon hearing of a then-new startup: Salsify.

    We'd always be like, 'There's got to be a better way to do this' … [When we heard of Salsify] we were sold right away … we were just amazed at how you could just load data and then it could be copied out to different forms.

    Jen Gulley, Director of Ecommerce Sales, WestPoint Home

    The Solution

    Growing on a New Platform The earliest stages of WestPoint Home’s Salsify implementation were exciting ones. First, the ecommerce team had to undergo a rigorous learning process to be able to code in Excel properly. Once the team moved past this learning curve, they were amazed at how much time it saved.

    It took some time for Salsify to permeate throughout the entire organization, but the digital shelf team helped it along by proving its usefulness again and again. Over the years, WestPoint Home’s executives were increasingly convinced of Salsify’s usefulness and rolled it out in more areas of the organization.
    Increasing Margins With D2C The next big area WestPoint Home wants to use Salsify to tackle is direct-to-consumer (D2C). The organization recognizes the opportunity D2C offers to gain more significant margins.

    They are also interested in having greater control over each brand’s story on the sites WestPoint Home owns.

    WestPoint Home hosts all of its D2C platforms on Shopify. It uses Salsify’s Shopify Application Programming Interface (API) to make syndicating product information to each site as easy as possible.

    We have made Salsify a verb internally in the company. Anytime I hear of an issue in a meeting, I'm always like, 'I can Salsify that' … and once I did about five demos, the executive team was like, 'Why aren't we using this company-wide?'"

    Jen Gulley, Director of Ecommerce Sales, WestPoint Home

    The Results

    Moving From Hours to Minutes Across the business, people are amazed at how much time Salsify has saved them. The most significant benefit reported by teams who use it is that it shortens processes that used to take them hours so that the same processes now only take a few minutes.

    With this time saved, WestPoint Home employees can spend more time enhancing their digital shelf presence, growing their D2C efforts, and finding new use cases for their Salsify catalogs.
    Using the Salsify Catalogs as a Sales Tool It’s not just within the company that people’s lives have been made easier. WestPoint Home customers have been thrilled by the digital catalog setup within Salsify as well.

    When representatives from WestPoint Home go to trade shows, they can show customers relevant products within the digital catalog hosted on Salsify. They no longer have to hand potential customers large PowerPoint decks. Instead, they just email them a digital link after the show containing all the information they need.

    I hear from account managers who say, 'Jen, that task used to take me three hours. It took me five minutes now. You gave me three hours back in my life' … [Salsify] makes everyone's lives a lot easier and more efficient.

    Jen Gulley, Director of Ecommerce Sales, WestPoint Home

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