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    Wastequip Grows B2B Ecommerce Business 40% With Synchronized Data

    B2B Manufacturer Acquires More Customers and Shortens Go-to-Market Time

    About Wastequip

    Wastequip is the leading manufacturer of waste handling and disposal equipment in North America. The company prides itself on leveraging technical knowledge and industry experience to solve the collection, handling, and transport challenges facing its customers.

    Wastequip has a broad catalog of products, and it wanted to show customers the full breadth of its products so they could be supported at every stage of the waste collection process.

    The Challenge

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    Wastequip faced difficulties synchronizing and normalizing data across departments and customer channels.

    Different divisions within the company worked in different enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, making it difficult to obtain consistent data across the board. On top of this, customers all require different data sets to publish products onto their platforms.

    Wastequip initially tried two other ecommerce platforms to help syndicate its content to major retail partners, but both those platforms failed. Kevin Creese, ecommerce manager at Wastequip, knew he needed a different solution.

    Our CEO’s vision is to show our customers the full breadth of our product at every stage of the waste collection process. This has been a difficult task because our multiple divisions have different ERP systems, and normalizing their data was a challenge.

    Kevin Creese, Ecommerce Manager, Wastequip

    The Solution

    Create Unified Product Catalogs Wastequip was able to use Salsify to normalize its product data so it could be published consistently across channels. Not only that, but having centralized data helped Wastequip onboard additional customers with ease. The sales team loves the Salsify Digital Catalogs, too, as they help them accurately answer customer questions and drive upsells.
    Use Synchronized Data and Streamlined Workflows to GTM Faster More accurate data reduces the time it takes to maintain retail channels, which means Wastequip can go to market with new products faster. New processes have been implemented to help Wastequip consolidate new product data more efficiently, resulting in a significantly improved go-to-market timeline.

    As we continue to incorporate various divisions of our company into Salsify, we have realized that building a single catalog to represent the entirety of our offerings is attainable.

    Kevin Creese, Ecommerce Manager, Wastequip

    The Results

    40% Growth in Ecommerce Business Wastequip was able to onboard more customers with the help of the customizable channels and flexible catalogs Salsify provides. The sales team could also use the data streamlined by Salsify to answer queries and improve customer relationships. If any issues were identified, it was fixed in minutes, not days — meaning a lower chance of lost sales.
    Time to Market Reduced by 2-4 Weeks Once new product data is imported to Salsify, very little must be done to get it ready to go live. After an initial scrub, a workflow gets kicked off that requests the data from the relevant departments. Data collection processes run in tandem, making them easy to track and quick to complete.

    As we learned more about how to use Salsify, we began to see other ways the platform could drive our ecommerce businesses. I firmly believe Salsify was instrumental in growing our ecommerce business by 40% in 2020.

    Kevin Creese, Ecommerce Manager, Wastequip

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