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    SMNutrition More Than Triples Its SKU Count and Doubles Its Gross Revenue

    How a Small, Digital-First Company Went From Inefficient Processes to Rapid Growth With Salsify

    About SMNutrition

    SMNutrition has a simple goal: Use the power of nutrition to improve people's lives. To accomplish this, it offers a broad range of dietary supplements — from hormone balancers to antioxidants and essential nutritional supplements.

    From its two hubs on either side of the Smoky Mountains — Nashville, TN and Wilmington, NC — SMNutrition works hard to deliver high-quality supplements to its customers. But to do that, it needed to scale online, a task that was made challenging by its small team and undefined processes.

    The Challenge


    SMNutrition used to have just 35 products, and only one platform hosted all of them: Amazon. Not even the company’s own website was fully built out, partially due to the ad-hoc processes used to update product information and the slow manual effort they required.

    SMNutrition wanted to grow, and growth meant scaling more products across more ecommerce platforms. But with processes as disorganized as they were, scaling would be near impossible.

    We were a small company that generated a lot of gross revenue. [We asked], do we want to just continue riding this, or do we want to grow? And as a group, we decided that we wanted to grow … So that's when I started looking for a solution.

    Drew Lewis, COO, SMNutrition

    The Solution

    Searching for the Best ROI SMNutrition began looking for a solution it could use to grow and scale. Many solutions that met the organization’s basic needs were considered, but Salsify quickly stood out as the leader in terms of functionality.

    There was initially some hesitancy about spending the money to purchase Salsify. However, a careful look at the ultimate return on investment (ROI) Salsify would provide soon convinced SMNutrition to give the platform a try.
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    Creating Efficient Processes and Workflows Before Salsify, there was no standard process for updating content and no single source of truth for storing product data. When SMNutrition implemented Salsify, it set about changing that.

    Now SMNutrition’s processes are clear and well-defined. More than that, SMNutrition is taking full advantage of Salsify Workflow, routing all content updates and creative work through the workflow system. This approach has resulted in drastic efficiency improvements and easier content audits.

    We truly run the company through Salsify Workflow, and I'm not just saying that to make workflows seem great. Every process from a content creation standpoint goes through a Salsify workflow … When we brought everything under one roof, and everything was really in a single flow, efficiency skyrocketed.

    Drew Lewis, COO, SMNutrition

    The Results

    More SKUs on More Platforms in More Markets SMNutrition had 35 SKUs before Salsify. Now, it has over 70 and is launching four new products every month. These products are sold on a broader array of platforms than before — and every one of those platforms is fully updated with accurate data.

    More than that, SMNutrition is expanding beyond the U.S. It now also sells to the U.K. and Canada and is poised to launch in four additional countries.
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    Doubled Gross Revenue After two years with Salsify, SMNutrition more than doubled its gross revenue. By consolidating workflows on Salsify, the company has been able to launch more products and syndicate them to more platforms than ever before. This approach has helped it scale and grow at a remarkable rate.

    And SMNutrition isn’t slowing down — with four new products every month and expansions into new countries, continued scale appears to be in its future.

    In two years, we've more than doubled gross revenue. We do believe that that is a direct tie to one being able to have every listing on every platform. [Our CEO] recently [said] to me … 'The company would not be where it is without Salsify. Salsify's the best decision we've made as a company.

    Drew Lewis, COO, SMNutrition

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