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    Samsonite Builds a Winning Ecommerce Strategy to Speed Up Time to Market

    How the Leading Luggage Company Used Salsify to Reduce the Time and Effort Needed to Win on the Digital Shelf

    About Samsonite

    Founded in 1910, Samsonite has been manufacturing high-quality luggage products for over 100 years. Today, the company owns 11 different brands, providing consumers with everything from sturdy suitcases to briefcases and toiletry bags.

    Samsonite has become the worldwide leader in travel bags and accessories. As such, it needed a leading ecommerce presence. But slow, inefficient processes made building that presence difficult.

    The Challenge


    The need for a central repository of ecommerce data was first raised by the sales team, who could see that it was necessary for meeting retailers’ needs. As ecommerce became more central to the business, the need for a centralized data source became more apparent.

    The organization’s Salsify implementation has been continuously optimized throughout the years. In addition to getting all data cleaned up and ready to syndicate across retailers, the team has been striving for organization-wide adoption to streamline workflows. Ultimately, the ecommerce team at Nature’s Way is committed to constantly growing and improving.

    All of our salespeople were having to fill out spreadsheets … and resize and rename images, and do all this administrative work. That was just a huge time suck and resource suck on a team that could be expanding our distribution or forging new relationships, which really should be their primary function.

    Meghan O'Keefe, Wholesale Digital Marketing Manager, Samsonite

    The Solution

    Using Salsify Templates and Exports To reduce the drain on the sales team’s time, Samsonite implemented Salsify. The company began by using templates and exports from Salsify to help fill out sales spreadsheets. At the time, data entry in Salsify itself was still manual, but that was soon fixed by integrating it with Samsonite’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

    The time that had been spent managing spreadsheets and doing other administrative work can now be spent growing the business, while Salsify handles all those administrative tasks.
    Creating a View for Customer Service Resourcing the single source of truth Salsify provides, Samsonite made a Salsify view specifically for its customer service team. This view lets customer representatives view product details while speaking with customers to provide the exact information a customer may need in real-time.

    Previously, customer service agents had to reach out to product marketing when fielding customer questions. Now that this extra step has been removed, customers can receive answers instantaneously, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

    Using those templates and exports has sped up our time-to-market. So we're able to get more products live and in a way that's consistent for our brands across all of our channels.

    Meghan O'Keefe, Wholesale Digital Marketing Manager, Samsonite

    The Results

    Live Content in Under 15 Minutes Before Salsify, managing digital content and getting it ready to go live was a process that could take weeks. Now, a process like publishing enhanced content can be completed in about 15 minutes.

    This new process has drastically sped up Samsonite’s go-to-market (GTM) strategy, enabling it to get more products online in a more efficient way. It’s also freed up employee time and allowed people across departments to put their efforts toward more value-adding tasks.
    Consistent Content Across Channels The human error that could sometimes affect Samsonite’s old spreadsheets is no longer a concern. Instead, all data is consistent across channels without extra effort from Samsonite’s team.

    Not only that but the same copy template is being used across all products. That means that customers can view the same information and get the same brand experience wherever they may be shopping.

    [Salsify] allows us to do everything a lot more efficiently … It's instantaneous to, for instance, publish enhanced content in 15 minutes, which is incredible.

    Meghan O'Keefe, Wholesale Digital Marketing Manager, Samsonite

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