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    Moen: A Streamlined Approach to GDSN Improves Efficiency, Transparency

    As a leading North American faucet brand with thousands of residential and commercial products sold on Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Wayfair, Ferguson, Houzz and dozens of other retailers and distributors, Moen is required to send GDSN data to several trading partners before products can get listed.

    Meet Moen

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    Moen Incorporated, a subsidiary of Fortune Brands, is a leading North American faucet brand started by Al Moen in 1937. Since then the maker of bath and kitchen fixtures has focused on quality and innovation.

    The Challenge

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    Moen’s online marketing team manages the relationships with several trading partners that require GDSN, but they relied on IT for the data transfers. The custom integration between SAP, IBM Sterling, and 1WorldSync often rejected bulk sends based on a single error, causing manual rework and a lack of transparency across the business.

    If there was an issue on any item in the flat-file batch, the entire batch would be rejected. I might have a list of anywhere from 5 items to 500 items for sales. If one item has one wrong field, you'd have to basically either resubmit that list without that one part or get that part fixed and resubmit it all with the change.

    Gary Freeh, Lead Application Analyst

    The Solution


    Already a Salsify customer since 2017, Moen began using its GDSN features in Q2 of 2020. With Salsify, Moen has GDSN data populated nightly from SAP to Salsify. Loads, item registrations, and hierarchy linking are all automated to GDSN on a daily schedule. The online marketing team can now address any validation or retailer errors directly, without the involvement of the IT team.

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    Salsify has given us a lot of agility and visibility into item status. Everyone across the team knows what actions to take next and isn’t waiting on IT.

    Andrea Brenneman, Digital Commerce Content Manager, Moen

    The Results

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    Business teams now have insight into GDSN publishing status and control over synchronization. Data is automatically updated through a streamlined process that requires less manual intervention.

    This is a win-win for us, putting the business processes back into the hands of the business and getting IT out of the loop, so that we don’t become a bottleneck in the process.

    Jennifer Amon, Lead Business Process Consultant, Fortune Brands Global Plumbing Group

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