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    Energizer Powers Engaging Online Customer Experiences at Scale With Salsify

    Global Battery Brand Expanded and Improved Its Use of Salsify to Optimize Its Online Presence

    About Energizer

    In addition to its famous Energizer-brand batteries, Energizer’s portfolio includes other types of batteries, lighting products, and automotive products. In most markets where it competes, its brands are ranked first or second on the market. That’s because Energizer is committed to winning over customers with great products and experiences across all touchpoints — including online.

    The Challenge


    Energizer had the Salsify Commerce Experience Management (CommerceXM) platform in place, but it wasn’t using the platform very robustly at first. There were still some products and retailers that weren’t connected to Salsify, which ultimately meant that many product pages weren’t capturing customers as well as they could.

    One sticking point was the scope of the project. Energizer has a massive catalog of products and sells those products through a vast variety of retailers. If it was going to make any progress with Salsify, it had to be strategic and prioritize.

    We want our experience on any ecommerce site to be accurate, consistent, and complete. Anything less than that, we can consider it a lost sale online.

    Jordan Rosenbaum, Associate Manager of Ecommerce Content and Syndication, Energizer

    The Solution

    Define the Scope Energizer understood that it had to set boundaries on the scope of its Salsify project. Failing to do so would make it too overwhelming.

    To set those boundaries, the team at Energizer chose the highest-priority retailers based on where it saw the most opportunity. It then selected the products that would be most beneficial to focus on at the start. With these priorities identified, the team could refine the scope of the project.
    Take Advantage of Syndication Previously, Energizer hadn’t touched Salsify’s syndication capabilities. When the team did look into the potential of syndication, they were surprised by its value.

    Energizer began setting up direct syndication channels where available to gain the added efficiency of quickly delivering information to retailers. For retailers they could not use direct syndication with, Energizer could use Salsify to build custom templates.

    Syndication is a huge piece of Salsify's value. We have direct channels where we press a button, and we send the content there, and it's done."

    Jordan Rosenbaum, Associate Manager of Ecommerce Content and Syndication, Energizer

    The Results

    25,000 Product Records Stored The careful planning and scope definition paid off. Today, Energizer has 25,000 product records in Salsify, a significant growth from what had been stored in it before.

    Now that these records are uploaded into Salsify, Energizer has been able to enjoy more intuitive processes and a number of new benefits — from easier reporting and integration with other business apps to better content production.
    Syndication Through 30 Channels Energizer now syndicates product content from Salsify through 30 different channels, whether through direct syndication or flexible custom templates.The efficiencies gained with syndication are drastic, and updates to product data can now be made in a fraction of the time.

    It’s made managing Energizer’s ecommerce presence an easier, more intuitive task – and customer experiences improved as a result.

    You want to be using something that feels good and natural and intuitive. My experience with Salsify is that's always been the case.

    Jordan Rosenbaum, Associate Manager of Ecommerce Content and Syndication, Energizer

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