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    Badger Basket: Small Team, Big Impact on the Digital Shelf

    From being one of the first brands in their category on more than 15 years ago, to becoming an eCommerce-only business selling through more than 20 channels, digital product content has become a foundation of their go-to market strategy.

    Meet Badger Basket

    Over the past 75 years, Badger Basket has become a premium manufacturer of furniture and accessories for infants, children, and dolls. With products as crucial to family life as these, it is critical for the team at Badger Basket to create product experiences that build trust with their shoppers.

    The Challenge


    Badger Basket faced a slow go-to-market system for 10-plus sales channels. To list a product online, it would take an average of 180 days. The demand for more data on product attribution, every detail about an item's measurements, materials, and digital assets kept increasing for Badger Basket's marketing team of 2.

    Life before Salsify was very challenging. Nothing was gathered in a central place. Implementing Salsify was a good process because it caused us to look at every single one of our products and really thoroughly assess what data we already had and what data we needed.

    Debbie Riedle, eCommerce Operations Support, Badger Basket

    The Solution


    Salsify's product information management (PIM) platform helped Badger Basket set standards for content and provided a guide for what information each retailer needs. It also streamlined activation to go live on 20 sales channels. 

    Salsify has made it easier to keep up with changes and store information in the best way to deliver to our channel. We can be confident that our products are accurately presented.

    Sara Logan, eCommerce Operations Manager, Badger Basket

    The Results

    Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 4-27-54 PM

    After implementation, Badger Basket now highlights its full product catalog — over 900 stock keeping units (SKUs) — online. It now has a streamlined go-to-market process.

    Thanks to Salsify's PIM, Badger Basket's eCommerce team has the confidence to release the right product information to numerous retailers quickly and efficiently. 

    We know that Salsify is a system we're not going to outgrow, it's not going to become obsolete. We're not going to be looking for a new vendor a year or two because the potential with Salsify is limitless.

    Sara Logan, eCommerce Operations Manager, Badger Basket

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