Product Information Exchange

Create and exchange the product attributes, images, and marketing copy that power rich commerce experiences.


Hundreds of Brands, Millions of Products

Product information is the DNA of the retail supply chain.
Retailers are asking for extended attributes, high resolution images and better marketing copy. Suppliers are tailoring their data to fit each retailer's unique requirements. Salsify helps both sides create and exchange this information, allowing products to get to market faster and maximizing the sales opportunity for every product.
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Brands & Suppliers

Macy's, Amazon, and Kroger are asking for more product information and it's only getting harder. Use Salsify to create better product information and publish to retailers, GDSN data pools, marketplaces, and e-commerce websites.


Drive Medical onboarded 900 products to in one day.

"What would have taken us a dedicated week - and that’s just for a single retail partner - took our team only a day."

Seth Diamond, VP E-commerce | Drive Medical

Distributors & Retailers

Some retailers, such as Walmart, compete on wide assortments; others, such as Newegg, compete on targeted audiences and tailored offerings. Salsify helps with both by accelerating the onboarding process with all suppliers.

Marbles collected more than 2/3 of all required Holiday 2014 product information from their suppliers in 48 hours.

“There’s not a week that goes by that I don’t say, ‘There’s no way I could have done this without Salsify.’”

Angie Seaman, E-Commerce Director | Marbles: The Brain Store