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    September 9, 2020
    3 minute read

    The Responsibilities of a Director of Ecommerce

    by: Salsify

    The director of ecommerce role, otherwise known as Director of Digital Commerce or Ecommerce Executive, is the head coach of your ecommerce team. This professional is absolutely critical in defining your ecommerce strategy — who you choose to hire will have lasting impact on your digital retail success. Choosing someone with extensive experience leading digital teams, driving online revenue, and directing a multitude of ecommerce strategies is absolutely paramount. Below, we’ve described the typical job functions and requirements that directors of ecommerce typically meet. 

    Director of Ecommerce

    The director of ecommerce’s job is to collaborate cross-functionally to manage and orchestrate all aspects of your ecommerce business. This includes strategising, planning, developing and executing content programmes, overseeing the creation of promotional materials and campaigns, analysing performance data, website traffic and product performance, setting goals, and more. 

    Day to Day Duties:

    • Direct every aspect of a strategic ecommerce plan. Combine the existing knowledge from sales, marketing, technology, and management to deliver a superior brand and shopping experience for your consumers.
    • Watch over the ecommerce website of a brand. Direct the overall user experience, including site navigation, content, checkout funnel, and marketing campaigns.
    • Be the key figure in developing the effective planning and execution of your ecommerce strategy, collaborating with teams to ensure QA and timely publishing of web content.
    • Build and direct a team of ecommerce professionals that can effectively help create and deliver creative ecommerce solutions.
    • Direct integrated campaigns that will deliver higher conversion rates, overall order size, and managing margin performance across all product lines.
    • Own and manage Internet marketing solutions, social media integrations, SEO, and other monitoring methodologies and analytics. 
    • Provide thought leadership, innovation, and process optimisation initiatives such as implementing ecommerce software and other best practices for your industry vertical.
    • Discover new areas of ecommerce opportunity beyond current brand offerings.

    Skills and Qualifications:

    • Extensive experience in the digital retailing market, B2B and B2C experience preferred
    • Vast knowledge of ecommerce technologies and tactics, especially in PXM, DAM, MDM softwares and sophisticated analytics.
    • Ability to interpret data and extract insights to inform new ecommerce strategies.
    • Proven leadership skills with experience in managing teams of 6 – 8 people and experience managing large ecommerce programmes.
    • Demonstrated strong business acumen and problem solving skills; ability to identify, prioritise, and articulate highest impact initiatives. 
    • Success in developing, executing, and maintaining sophisticated digital commerce brand strategies by leveraging Product Experience Management (PXM) platforms, successful delivery of business value for near and mid-term growth for brands.

    In choosing your ecommerce leader, brands have to choose someone who is forward thinking, experienced, and thoughtful. With the right person in charge, the positive impact he or she will have will trickle down to the rest of the team and your success will be exponential. In times of increased ecommerce importance, it’s absolutely critical to not only have an ecommerce director, but to hire the best one.

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