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    Brand Guidelines

    Brand guidelines articulate the standards for how a company should be represented visually, textually, and verbally — ensuring consistency across all brand materials.

    What Are Brand Guidelines?

    Brand guidelines are essential to representing a company consistently across all marketing campaigns, ads, websites, content, and other public- and internal-facing materials.

    They often include several key elements, such as branding guidance around logo usage; visual rules for fonts, color palettes, imagery, illustration, and graphic design; and standards for brand writing, such as tone, voice, grammar, and style. 

    Many brand guidelines also articulate a persona or key characteristics that best represent the brand to give employees tools for representing the organization in writing or design. Some brand guidelines will also include a database of approved imagery, logo options, and documents. 

    In an era where customers want seamless, consistent, and connected experiences with businesses, brand guidelines are critical. The best brand guidelines clearly communicate the representational rules and standards for the business, but are also flexible enough to adapt with time as the brand evolves.

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