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    The Walmart Marketplace: "Copy & Paste" is a Waste! has become an attractive marketplace channel for brands to consider. It's less saturated than Amazon, and the retailer has been investing heavily in advertising and content capabilities, as well as drawing customers to the channel with Walmart+.

    The trap that many brands fall into, however, is to simply "copy and paste" their Amazon product content and advertising strategy. But Walmart's platform is different in several fundamental ways, such as how products are ranked in organic search. Not to worry, the DSI has pulled together Walmart marketplace experts to help you determine what is most important to your Walmart strategy.

    Join Lauren Livak, Director of the Digital Shelf Institute, Kiri Masters, Head of Retail Marketplace Strategy, Acadia and Tom Spaven, VP of Marketing at Good Wipes  as they unpack their Walmart playbook for success and how your brand can utilize Walmart better in your digital shelf strategy. Whether you’re a long-time Walmart seller or are looking to add this retailer in 2024, this is a must see conversation.

    Key takeaways:
    • How a top brand like Good Wipes, uses Walmart as a top marketplace in their strategy.
    • The key differences between Walmart and Amazon as retailers 
    • Tips for a winning digital shelf strategy on Walmart
    • An opportunity to ask our expert speakers all of you questions! 

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