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    Salsify's PXM Network: New Syndication Functionality in Advance

    May 30, 2024 | 1:00 p.m. ET

    Branded manufacturers are consolidating their PXM processes and capabilities onto Salsify today. The ability to do this has been unlocked by the growth of Salsify’s PXM Network and the launch of major new syndication functionality in Salsify Advance. Recently, Salsify has accelerated the PXM Network growth by opening up net new destinations – across industries, regions, and data use cases.

    Join us for an interactive office hour to learn about Salsify’s ever expanding PXM Network, and how the growth of the PXM network allows your company to streamline your overall PXM tech stack and spend.

    We’ll be giving you deeper insight into:

    • The explosion of new syndication destinations in the PXM network in the last 9 months

    • An exploration as to why the network is suddenly expanding so quickly and how we work with brands to expand to retailer destinations that are important to you

    • A breakdown of network expansions by product category (mass, grocery, hardlines, softlines, industrial supply, etc.)

    • Common myths and misperceptions about the PXM network others will tell you

    • Learn about our vision for the future of the network and how we can get there

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