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    You Have Best-In-Class Digital Content, BUT is it Effective?

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    Content is understandably a key focus for digital leaders: it's the first thing consumers see and a key factor in their decision-making. Brands have placed a renewed emphasis on creating best-in-class content, but they're also questioning what content levers they need to pull to sway potential buyers. After extensive research and interviewing digital leaders, The Digital Shelf Institute & Profitero have found that it takes much more than producing great content to effectively convert shoppers.

    Join Lauren Livak, Director of the Digital Shelf Institute, Mike Black, CMO of Profitero, Kathleen Harrington, Director of Marketing at Hasbro and Shazer Baig, Global eCommerce Director at L'Oreal to discover the critical pillars of effective content and dive into the new framework outlined in our report.

    Key takeaways :
    • How top brands are defining content effectiveness
    • The critical success factors to achieve content effectiveness
    • What areas to focus on to advance your content maturity

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