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    Webinar On-Demand with Start with data

    Breaking silos to build better product experiences: How to achieve omnichannel success through data collaboration

    Changing consumer expectations and an ever-evolving regulatory environment are generating increasing amounts of product data. To manage this exponential growth and ensure that consumers find the product information they are looking for, brands, retailers, manufacturers, and distributors need to collaborate closely. 

    Join Ben Adams, Chief Customer Officer at Start with Data, Jim Sullivan, Sr. Sales Engineer at Salsify, and Mauricio Garcia, Product Marketing Lead at Salsify for a discussion about how retailers and brands can improve their data collaboration and offer best-in-class product experiences to consumers.

    Key takeaways will include:

    • The market and business challenges that are driving the need for frictionless data collaboration;
    • How collaborative data collection can help to meet consumer and market expectations (eg. regulations), accelerate time to market, and drive growth and increase productivity;
    • A framework brands and retailers can use to break silos and increase their efficiency.

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    Mauricio Garcia Product Marketing Lead Salsify